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The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

Jay, and D, I don't think ya'll would like this one. In the preface, Frame says, "For many readers, this book will be a reference text. Few will bother to read it all the way through." I guess he said that because the book is rather large (404 pp). I wouldn't recommend only reading parts though. Frame has a fairly sustained argument through the whole book. This book is really a biblical epistemology, or biblical theory of knowledge with lots of info and analysis on theological and apologetical method. Frame brings a robust reformed theology to the issue of knowledge. In part one, Frame focuses on the objects of knowledge (God, law, world, selves, studies), part two with the justification of knowledge (rationalism, empiricism, subjectivism), and part three on the methods of knowledge (use of Scripture, tools of theology-language, logic, history, science, philosophy). Two of the appendices were on evaluating and writing theological writings. I believe that all readers (but especially pastors, theologians, and apologists) will profit from this book. My only critique would be that I am not as convinced as Dr. Frame that the abundance of triads, and perspectivalism is as helpful as he would like it to be.
"Rationalism recognizes a need for criteria, or standards; empiricism a need for objective, publicly knowable facts; and subjectivism a need for our beliefs to meet our own internal criteria. A Christan epistemology will recognize all of those concerns but will differ from the rationalist, empiricist, and subjectivist schools of thought in important ways. Most importantly, the Christan will recognize the lordship of God in the field of knowledge. God is sovereign, and He coordinates law, object, and subject, so that the three cohere; a true account of one will never conflict with a true account of the others." 123
"Our apologetics must be pervaded by a sense of Christ's lordship, and this demands diligent preparation so that we may be able to obey our Lord's Great Commission, being prepared to answer inquirers--not only with proclamation, but with answers and reasons. And it requires boldness so that we may take advantage of the these opportunities." 358


Ryan Bebee said...

Good stuff. I read his "Salvation Belongs to the Lord" intro to systematic theology and every page had a new triad. To be honest, I got a little tired of it. Thanks Blake.

Anonymous said...

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