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Reasons (for Faith)

K. Scott Oliphint's book 'Reasons (for Faith): Philosophy in the Service of Theology' (363 pp) is a difficult read. That and the fact that Scott is unaware that I don't know Latin, are my only two negatives.
--The book is broken up into 4 Parts and 16 chapters:
1. Introduction and Survey
2. Epistemology
3. Metaphysics
4. Implication and Application
--This is basically an addition to philosophy of religion. It serves as an 'offensive' apologetic, laying out the philosophy the Bible presents. This being the case, it is close to theology, but Oliphint is very conversant with the major philosophers. In the preface he writes, "Thus my goals are (1) to set forth a theological structure, for epistemology and metaphysics, that shows the relevance of Reformed thought, centrally set forth in Van Til's works, to current discussions in philosophy and philosophy of religion (natural theology); (2) to demonstrate that Reformed though has already broached virtually every discussion now in play in philosophy of religion; and (3) to interact with (at least some of) the main proponents in philosophy of religion.
--What was great about this book is that Oliphint is not your normal philosopher of religion. He is first and foremost a Reformed theologian. Scripture, not reason, is his ultimate commitment. Philosophy is the handmaid to Theology. Reason is ministerial, not magisterial (following Turretin). He argues for a dual metaphysic (creature/Creator), and a covenantal epistemology (Revelation). Parts of this book are tough to wade through. Maybe I should take some philosophy electives and come back to this one in a few years.


Scott said...


Thanks for the review. Sorry for the Latin problem; I tried to make sure it was all translated, but may have missed some. Thanks again.

Scott O.

blake white said...

Dr. Oliphint,

Don't worry about the Latin. Please keep writing. The more material out there on Reformed Apologetics, the better! Thanks for your work.

Dick0369 said...


Anonymous said...

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