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I really enjoy reading Douglas Wilson. I agree whole-heartedly with him 80% of the time. Unfortunately that other 20% of disagreement is on the doctrine of justification, a notion that is bound up with the very heart of the gospel as evangelicals have formulated it since the time of the Reformation. This book is great though.

It is a fictional account between Evangelist and several objectors to the Christian faith. Evangelist is on his way to the City and along the way tries to warn and persuade people who are heading to the Abyss. Wilson is a great writer, very witty, sharp, and satirical at times. Wilson is also a Van Tilian presuppositionalist. This book is all example with no theory. It is a very refreshing and easy read. Here is the table of contents:

The Road
Rev. Howe--Empty Scholarship
Jim and Sarah--Marriage
Dorothy--Hypocrisy in the Church
Bill--Salvation and Sanctification
Michael--Roman Catholicism


Eron said...


Sounds like a good read. I'm not sure about "Rev. Howe" as "empty scholarship." My father-in-law? That's sorry of Wilson.


blake white said...


Evangelist goes after Rev. Howe for dismissing Scripture due to modern biblical criticism. He says, "I reject everything that rebels against God--no matter how many footnotes or big words are contained in the rebellion. God has laid the wisdom of this world into the grave. Modern scholars are vainly trying to bring about a resurrection. It cannot be done" And when the rev. defends himself for being in ministry for so long, evangelist says, "God can make pastors out of rocks. But in order to make Christians, He sent His Son to die." You might want to call Kari's pops.

sad said...

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