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Praise Her in the Gates

So, I've read a few books lately, but have not added them to the Booked Blog.  No reason why, so I'm going to try and play catch up. 

It's been a while back, but I read Praise Her in the Gates, The Calling of Christian Motherhood, by Nancy Wilson (wife of Douglas Wilson).   It was a small book, easy read.  I'm not very good at summaries of books, but I'll give it a shot.

The book begins by laying out the misconceptions and biblical truths about conception, pregnancy and childbirth.  What God desires from these things and how our minds should be trained to think on these things.  It is also encouraging for those who are unable to have children or who have miscarriages.  God doesn't give us the why; we must trust in His kindness, goodness and His Sovereignty-- knowing that He works all things for our good and His glory.

The book then goes into very practical applications of what living out Proverbs 31:31 looks like:

Chapter 4: When the kids are sick
Overreacting vs. Under reacting
A time for teaching cheerfulness and patience
Teaching our kids to trust God in our illnesses

Chapter 5: Loving the Kids- Dinnertime, Bedtime and Holidays
Loving children when they aren't lovable
"You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;
You shall be blessed and it shall be well with you.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house;
Your children will be like olive shoots around your table.
Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord. " Psalm 118:2-4
Table time-- a foreshadowing of the fellowship we will have in heaven
Reading around the table and at bedtime
Fluffy pillows and warm comforters

Chapter 6: Manners: Church Behavior, Friends, Family
Love for one another, protection of each other's names and reputations, sensitivity to needs of brothers
Church manners: 
Worship and fellowship
Trained and taught all week long
Sitting together as a family
Creative ways to keep the little ones quiet and the older ones paying attention
Courtesy is  a Christian characteristic

Chapter 7: Respecting Sons
Bring them up in their full stature both physically and spiritually
Treat them in a way that their soul prospers
Teach them to be providers
His need for respect from mothers and sisters
Not taking sides between Dad and son
Teach respect by respecting husband
Praise your husband to your son
Praise your sons achievements and accomplishments
Give him responsibilities and fully expect him to fulfill them
Good behavior receives respect and honor from parents
Courtesy-- do not humiliate or point out flaws in public
Do not expect male piety to look like female piety

Chapter 8: Loving Daughters
A critical spirit is destructive
Teach them about meekness, submission, respect, courtesy and holiness
They need love and security
Dads should fulfill the need for male approval
Teach them to control their emotions--not to use them to manipulate
Teach them to be home-centered
Model and teach biblical femininity

Chapter 9: Setting Standards: God's Rules and House Rules
"Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds." Prov. 27:23
Take care of business at home first, before you get involved in other Christian affairs
Our children are our disciples
Godly discipline is focused on a long-term goal, not a short-term goal to make life easier
Be consistent

Chapter 10: The Importance of Education
Parents are responsible for the godly education of their children

Chapter 11: The Pleasant Home
A pleasant home should be full of joy and beauty-- the beauty of holiness
Perform duties cheerfully and patiently
Tidy, well-managed home

Chapter 12: The Domestic Arts
See domesticity as a duty and calling, not an option
Childrearing, cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening and decorating

Chapter 13: Letting Them Go
Train them to leave productive, godly lives on their own

As you can tell from the titles alone, it will be a book I will soon be picking up to reference.



Eron said...


Great review. That sounds like a solid book. I know Douglas Wilson is a beast when it comes to husbands and manhood. So, I bet it was a real challenge. Thanks.

We will be in Eldo pretty much all day Friday with Blake and Alicia. We'll see you guys there. I'll be teaching starting on Saturday morning. So, that sux you guys won't be there to sit in on some messages.


Jamie Butts said...

That sounds really great. I'll have to check it out!
Love you so much!
DO we get to see you at Eldo? At all? Or are we getting in to late?
Let's talk soon!

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