The Biblio-Files

bib·li·o·phile (bĭb'lē-ə-fīl') n.

1. A lover of books.
2. A collector of books.


A Discussion of Origins

Well, I thought I would discuss briefly the motivation and goal behind this blog. It seems that everyone is pumped and ready to start reading--I am for sure. I wanted to just give the original thoughts driving this blog into existence.

It all began with a desire to read--obviously. Over the past year I, as well as some close friends, have been exposed to some really smart and godly men and their influential convictions about reading. I picked Mohler's quote as the banner that basically epitomizes the world of voracious readers. Due to the fact that most college graduates don't even read a one book a year (mostly due to not knowing how to read), and that there is this cancer called laziness that promotes the deterioration of the mind, I need to motivate myself to read books. Others share this same conviction. So, in discussion with a friend, we brainstormed on ways to keep us reading outside of mandatory reading for seminary. (Yes, originally this only involved two seminary folks.) Do we want to make for ourselves a kind of syllabus that keeps us on pace and accountable? Do we want to read the same book and meet weekly to talk about it? Do we want to make a blog? Basically, we want to avoid becoming statistics. So, here's how I will use this blog: read a book a week and post on it. However you use it is fine, but that is why I made the blog. I wanted other people to contribute, even if they just tackle one book the whole summer. But, for me and at least one other person, it will be a check for laziness. If only two people turn out to be faithful to this blog it has served its purpose.

I don't want to read books just for the sake of doing so (I think Ecclesiastes 12:12 addresses this.). Although Mohler's library is respectable beyond words, I don't want to read books just so I can have a big library (Proverbs 25:27). I want to read and master the right books, whether that ends up being only 5 or 50,000 books. Library size tends to feed pride for most.

So, just so you know. Picture me as a young kid crouched down with fists tight at the starting line of a school race. Yeah, I want seminary to end, kind of.



Jay Scott said...

i commented on the last one, but not till after this was up. i can maybe get through a book every 2-3 weeks with my schedule, so my blogger email is, my personal is hit me up

Eron said...

I sent an email to your blogger account.

Look forward to it.


blake white said...

I am ready to roll. Kind of already started but we have a road trip, and I have a class until the 8th with work after that probably so I may be a late bloomer. I could review the class books, depending on how good they are. Peace.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Is Alicia going to join in? She seemed like she had some great books lined up for the summer?
Ryan? Laura? Chad/Heather? Bethany? Or are you wanting to keep it small? Kari, what are you wanting to read? Good post, Eron.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

I meant to ask about Sarah, too. Come on, Sarah Bebee!

Eron said...


Shoot, with Alicia driving the whole way down and back with duct tape on her mouth you should have great time to read.


Yeah, I sent an email to all (and more) but Bethany and Laura. Nothing against them, they are welcome to write if they will! I am still building the list. Thanks James. I am eager to read your posts.

Kari Plevan said...


Hey! Wow I'm not sure about the book a week thing, but I'll hopefully contribute a few times over the summer. My first goal is finishing (a very small book) by A.W. Pink called Profiting from the Word, then I may move on to some of Eron's books that he has recommended from his classes over the past two semesters...mmmm...not sure :)

Sarah Bebee said...

Hehe--I think I would LOVE to be a part of the blog, but I think I will hold off for now...three more weeks and my life will be my own again -- days at camp will be over. Sad but man -- I'm excited about reading some books as well! I may post via Ryan if I have anything good! PS. I love this idea of the Booked Blog!!

Eron said...


Man, you are totally free to post. I did assume that you would do so through Ryan. So, feel free--consider this your blog.