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bib·li·o·phile (bĭb'lē-ə-fīl') n.

1. A lover of books.
2. A collector of books.


BB Summer Review

Well, folks, the Booked Blog turned out to be very utilized indeed! Thanks for all who contributed this summer. Books from all different genres were read: theological, philosophical, historical, cultural, educational, etc. That means a lot of self-education was going on over the summer--good!

(Overall, around 40 books were read and reviewed--that's a lot of sitting!)

However, out of the 10 contributors only 6 contributed. Hmm. Should we trim the roster? Since seminary is back in full swing I wouldn't expect many new posts here until around December (at least from the main contributors). So, non-seminary contributors, it's your time to shine. Just grab a book, devote to one chapter every 2 days or so, and before you know it, bam! a book is finished and your reflections on it are often crystallized when you explain it to someone else (i.e., a review on the BB!). Do it, if not for the BB, for yourself!

Nevertheless, it's been real for now.

Suggestions? Contributor Requests? Contributor Resignations?



Jay Scott said...

I plan on starting a book in about 2 weeks.

Jamie Butts said...

Contributor request:

my cousin Travis wants on

visit him over at (I think) and maybe you can find his e-mail there or just comment... I don't have it at work

Enjoyed the Booked Blog! Thanks for letting even the gals on!

Jay Scott said...

I just need to finish up one last book, and I'll give a summary of all the books i read this summer, and then start on theology type books.

yall will get a quick history lesson in my first post

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