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1. A lover of books.
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Revelation and Reason

Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics (360 pp) is a collection of essays edited by Scott Oliphint and Lane Tipton, two profs from Westminster Philly. This is an outstanding resource. Here are the contents:

----Part 1 Reformed Apologetics: Exegetical Considerations
1. Some Epistemological Reflections on I Cor. 2:6-13-Richard B. Gaffin
2. Resurrection, Proof, and Presuppositionalism: Acts 17:30-31-Lane G. Tipton
3. The Irrationality of Unbelief: An Exegetical Study-K. Scott Oliphint
4. The Case for Calvinistic Hermeneutics-Moises Silva
5. Paul’s Christological Interpretation of Creation and Presuppositional Apologetics-Lane G. Tipton
----Part 2 Reformed Apologetics: Theological Foundations
6. Divine Aseity and Apologetics-John M. Frame
7. Consistently Reformed: The Inheritance and Legacy of Van Til’s Apologetic-Michael S. Horton
8. A Confessional Apologetic-Thom Notaro
9. Theologia Naturalis: A Reformed Tradition-Jeffrey K. Jue
10. The Eschatological Implications of Genesis 2:15 for Apologetics-Bill Dennison
----Part 3 Reformed Apologetics: Methodological Implications
11. The Old-New Reformed Epistemology-K. Scott Oliphint
12. The Fate of Apologetics in an Age of Normal Nihilism-Michael Payne
13. Turn! Turn! Turn! Reformed Apologetics and the Cultural Dimension-William Edgar
14. Van Til and Transcendental Argument-Don Collett
APPENDIX - Cornelius Van Til and the Reformation of Christian Apologetics-K. Scott Oliphint.

----This is a fairly technical book. It is great, but I would only recommend it to those with a little background in Reformed apologetics. It is in some ways, simply more exegetical, theological, historical, and methodological ammunition to support Van Til's presuppostional method of apologetics. My favorite parts of the books were chapters 2, 5, and 10 where the contributors combined the insights of Cornelius Van Til and Geerhardus Vos, two of my favorite theologians.

----This is my last contribution to the booked blog. It has been fun and hopefully fruitful. I wanted to review a few more(one on new covenant theology, living Christianly in this world, and biblical theology), but time is gone. I would recommend all three though. Enjoy the Fall. Learn.


Ryan Bebee said...

Blake, when you say "enjoy the Fall" are you encouraging sin?

blake white said...

No Ryan. You forget that you now live in KY, where there are actually 4 seasons. I trust you'll enjoy it.

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